Want to Play Brawl Stars for PC without Blue Stacks ?

Brawl Stars for PC

Supercell has recently launched one of its latest game know as Brawl Stars. The game is so far available on the Canada App Store and there is no news till now, whether they will release it or not on Google Play Store. Brawl Stars  is an amazing game play to brawl out right from the tightest team in a town, go for a fight on versus 2 in a real-time gameplay. The game is created from the same makers of the game like Clash of Clan.Blue Stack Brawl Stars gives you all the fun that you need, by giving you an access to play the game on PC. For mobile platforms you can download brawl stars for iPhone and android also.Here we will be discussing with you how to play Brawl Stars in PC.

BlueStacks Brawl Stars PC Game

Brawl Stars for PC
Brawl Stars for PC

In Brawl Stars  engage with your friends to go for an epic multiplayer. Brawl Stars for PC let you join the players from different part of the world. In the multiplayer gaming mode the player can throw a punch or kick or simply shoot to destroy the opponents. Besides that the player of the game, gets to earn cash and unlock the cast of whole new crazy game characters. To have a victory into the fight of brawl stars upgrade your fighters.

How to play Brawl Stars Game in PC?

Brawl Stars for PC without BlueStacks won’t run on your PC, and by using the App Player one can run any Android game on computer without any trouble. To get the emulator follow these instructions that is given below.

BlueStacks Brawl Stars PC Game
BlueStacks Brawl Stars PC Game
  • Step 1:To start playing Brawl Stars PC Game  you will have to download BlueStacks on computer. Visit this link.
  • Step 2: After you finish downloading the setup.exe file BlueStacks on PC.
  • Step 3: Install the emulator by going through some necessary steps.
  • Step 4: When it is done, launch BlueStacks on your computer.
  • Step 5: Into the search bar, enter the word Brawl Stars and click to search button.
  • Step 6: From the search result, click on the icon of the game and choose the install button.

Shortly the file downloads and installation will be complete automatically. In this way, you can launch the Brawl Stars Game for PC and start playing it right away.

Important Features of Brawl Stars Game:

  • Unlock the newest and the powerful Brawlers along with the signature attack or super ability.
  • Battle as a solo player or multiplayer in the Brawl Stars Game.
  • Customization of brawlers along with the unlockable skins.
  • Rowdy with the real-time 3 on 3 battles competing players from worldwide.
  • It has a total of 4 unique gaming play modes that unlocks the game to play.
  • Have fun engaging in the game by a fast-paced multiplayer shooter.
  • Upgrade any of your favorite in a critical edge.


Brawl Stars  is all about getting on the top of the global leader board by winning in the fight. The main objective of the game is to combat with each of the brawlers in different game modes. BlueStacks is designed to provide video game streaming, to anyone who wants to play Brawl Stars Game on PC. Now you have learnt the way to play Brawl Stars Game in PC, without wasting any more time get the game on your computer right at this moment.

Download Brawl Stars for iOS Free on App Store (Available)

brawl stars ios download

From the maker of the leading mobile RTS gaming makers, “Supercell” has launched yet another Supercell Brawl Stars for iPhone users.  With immense success of the leading games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royal, Boom Beach & Hay Day comes yet another real time game “Brawl Stars”. As Super Cell announced that the game will be launched for iOS user only for now, the latest brawl Stars game is yet to be launched for android users. So if you already an iOS device user then you can download Brawl Stars right now and enjoy playing it.

Download Brawl Stars iOS for iPhone iPad

brawl stars ios download
brawl stars ios download

Brawl Stars is also a Real Time Strategy game by Supercell where you need to go battle in 3 VS 3 gameplay and just like any other Supercell games, Brawl Stars also comes with many amazing features and game play that really makes the game worth playing. Let’s have a look at the features of the games that you can enjoy from.

Brawl Stars iOS Game Features

brawl stars ios game features
brawl stars ios game features

Collect Bounties:

BrawlStars follows the concept of collecting starts from opponent’s base in war. But you will also have to keep in mind that you opponents isn’t making more starts then you as in the end of the match, the team with the most stars wins.

Smash& Grab:

Your aim in the matches will be to grab crystals, the match winner will be decided as you will need to plunge your way through the centre of the map, smashing your opponents and collecting crystals. The winner of the match will be decided when a team grabs and hold on to up to 10 crystals.

Safe Keeping:

You can get a lot of loot by trying to crack opening your opponents safe or you can try to save your own safe from opponents breaking into them in this Brawl Stars Game for Iphone.


Finally with 10 player match where the arena shrinks, the winner will be the one who is the last man standing.

download brawl stars ios game play
download brawl stars ios game play

You can collect Elixir, coins, chips and much more to upgrade your brawlers to enjoy Brawl Stars video game to the maximum. Unlock from a variety of new and powerful brawlers, with special and super abilities, battle with friends or go solo. So far, there are 4 unique game plays to unlock and choose from with more incoming updates. Customize your brawlers all you want with different skins and also upgrade your brawlers to extreme level with your friends to make strategies to take down your opponents quickly& even grab bigger loots.

NOTE: If you are a PC addicted Gamer then you can also get Brawl Stars for PC. Read guidelines on third post.

There are a lot of features, arenas and more that are yet to be launched by Supercell, but you can see them within the game that Supercell has announced the oncoming new updates which will be in effect soon.

So what are you waiting for, download Brawl Stars for iOS for free right now. Though Brawl Stars is totally free to download, you can make in-app purchase to maximise brawler faster and get the edge over you opponents. The latest Brawl Stars  iOS download is available on Apple app store, so click on the link below to download it.

Download Free Brawl Stars for iOS